Reliable sockets are fundamental for testing integrated circuits. These sockets are often available off-the-shelf for static tests. As regards dynamic tests, up until now, sockets were affected by serious problems of duration and /or functionality.
G3 has developed a family of dynamic test sockets which guarantee functionality, reliability, duration and economy. Loading is carried out by a simple straight approach movement of a robot arm. Opening and gripping are performed automatically. Electrical contact is also guaranteed during movement, up to 1 g of acceleration (higher values can be achieved on request). The stress on the components is limited to the loading of the Pogo Pins, and it is centred with respect to the supports (there are no induced moments).

There are 3 types of socket
photo 1) – Standard type
photo 2) – Antistatic type
photo 3) – Forced symmetry type
which are selected according on the basis of operating requirements.
The G3 Sockets cover a vast range of “leadless” accelerometers, with sizes 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 5x3, 7.5x4.4 and 7x7 mm with thicknesses from 1 to 1.8 mm (other measures can be developed on request).

G3 sockets are maintenance-free (apart from normal cleaning operations and, eventually, Pogo Pin replacement). The estimated lifetime is one million cycles, at least as regards the mechanics. The manufacturer guarantees Pogo Pins for up to 500,000 cycles. The numerous sockets currently in use will shortly allow us to publish lifetime statistics. .