The high technological content of the company can be appreciated in both design and production stages.
As regards design and construction, activities are based on the use of CAD/CAM applications, including solid-modelling systems, which identify the ideal functional solutions and optimise the subsequent production phase. As regards production processes, the company has gradually acquired a complete set of totally or partially automated numerical control machines which guarantee the quality, precision and tolerances required to obtained the desired product.
The investments made over the years allow the company to work with:
Conventional 3-axis milling machines, a 5-axis work centre, 3-axis work centres, C.N.C. lathes and grinding machines. The materials that are most commonly used during production are:
stainless steel, anticorodal, aluminium, ergal, titanium, C40, avional, arnite, delrin, nylon, peek, pvc, pvdf, teflon, polyzene, bronze, copper and brass. The materials can either be purchased by G.3 or directly supplied by the customer.
The control systems (derived from ISO 9001 certification) adopted for all corporate processes ensure the quality standards required by the customer for the design and production of their products.